All of my titles (currently) are enrolled in Amazon's KINDLE UNLIMITED program. The way this program works is if you spend $9.99 a month then you get access to the entire "library" of ebooks and audiobooks that the program has. Currently there are well over 1 million titles to choose from (including mine), and during each month you may consume as much or as little content as you like. Basically, if you spend over $10 a month on books, then I would highly recommend this program! If you don't, then I wouldn't recommend it. It's for rabid readers, and honestly I love it! Even though I don't read as much as I'd like too anymore (writing takes up quite a bit of time dontchaknow), I still love my KU membership and use it all the time!

The first month is free, and after that it's $9.99 per month. If it sounds at least interesting to you, I'd recommend giving it a try! At least use up the free days, right? ;)

Again, all my titles are in this program. So if you sign up above you can access every single book I have for free. You definitely don't have to join, but I think for some it's a great idea and wanted to throw it out there!

All the best,